A List Of 101 Reasons To Choose Dell Over Any Other Laptop Brand

If you have ever had any doubts about Dell, here are 101 reasons to choose Dell over those other guys.

There are thousands of great reasons why you would want to choose Dell, but here is a list of some of the really important ones...

1. They offer the most affordable prices than any other brand.

2. You can get the latest laptop parts faster than any other brand.

3. They offer several different ways to contact customer support.

4. Their website is extremely easy to use and to purchase a computer.

5. Their direct model allows them to better understand what laptop you will want in the future.

6. A majority of the time their computers come with free shipping.

7. They are always offering free upgrades at any time.

8. They aren't afraid to recall a part if something is wrong with it. Even if that means it will make them look bad.

9. With Dell Outlet, you can easily get a reliable used laptop.

10. They have a laptop designed specifically for anyone's needs.

11. With their laptop skins, it costs much less to make your laptop look good.

12. They only build a machine when you tell them to. Which means you are getting a brand-new laptop when you order.

13. If something bad happens when you are under warranty, you can feel confident that they will fix the problem.

14. With Dell On Call, they can fix your laptop from the comfort of your own living room.

15. Their gaming laptops win more awards than any other laptop brand.

16. With Dell Financing, you can finally afford that laptop that you always dreamed of.

17. When you order, shipping is much faster than comparative brands.

18. With Dell Direct Stores, you can see and feel a laptop before purchasing.

19. The videos on their site makes it easier for you to gain knowledge about laptop parts that you are unfamiliar with.

20. You can chat live at any time and a representative will be there to help you.

21. You can receive huge discounts on accessories and software when you purchase your laptop.

22. After you order, you can learn exactly where your laptop is in the building process.

23. You also receive a tracking number so you know exactly when and where your laptop is at all times.

24. All of Dell's laptops go through rigorous Road Ready analysis to make sure that your laptop will be durable enough.

25. Dell's wireless printers makes it easy for you to print from your laptop from anywhere in the house.

26. Dell makes it very easy to purchase replacements and upgrades

27. You can always find somewhere or someone who can get you a good deal on your next purchase.

28. Dell's Truelife displays are very respectable in terms laptop screen quality.

29. You can get a laptop that ranges from 12.1" to 20.1"

30. You can often customize laptops anywhere between $600 to $2500 giving you plenty of options.

31. Dell laptops have better sound quality then your average brand.

32. It's easy to upgrade your parts such as memory by unscrewing a few screws and putting your laptop part in.

33. If a new laptop product comes, you can count on Dell to have it and be ready for it.

34. You can always add on to your warranty at a later time.

35. Dell provides an easy way to download all the drivers you need directly from their site.

36. Dell doesn't spam you constantly with new deals.

37. Dell doesn't have to pretend in TV commercials that they are better then someone else.

38. Dell PC Checkup helps keep your laptop safe and problem-free.

39. Dell laptops all come with a good amount of ports to plug external devices in.

40. The laptops' heat comes in areas that aren't a nuisance.

41. Dell laptops do an excellent job in the event that you spill something on them.

42. All of the buttons you need are in easy-to-use locations.

43. Dell Quickset does an excellent job at maintaining the power sources on your laptop.

44. The Dell Media Base is one of the coolest laptop inventions ever!

45. The Dell battery pack isn't nearly as bulky and heavy as other brands.

46. The MediaDirect button allows a quick and easy way to get to your media features.

47. The story behind how Michael Dell started the company in his dorm room is truly inspiring.

48. The Dell Community Forums offer a friendly place to get the answers you need.

49. Dell has extensive reading manuals for those who want to find the answers themselves.

50. Dell offers an express upgrade to Windows Vista and operating systems in the future.

51. While you may not like it, Dell offers fun trial games to try installed on your laptop when you get it.

52. You often receive instant savings with your order.

53. They offer a 21 day return policy in case you change your mind about your purchase.

54. While their look is somewhat plain looking, it is free of fingerprints and is very good against scratches.

55. It's easy to find a laptop key replacement if one gets lost.

56. Receive no interest for several months with a Dell Preferred Account.

57. Check out 3-D models of all of their laptops at their official site.

58. Because Dell sells so many laptops, it is a name brand that you can trust.

59. Dell offers multiple ways to order a new laptop.

60. Dell allows much faster support to those who own Dell by using the Express Service Tag.

61. Dell works well with businesses of all sizes so they can get the right equipment for their specific needs.

62. When customizing, Dell's upgrades are far less expensive then other brands.

63. The Dell XPS m2010 is one of the highest performing laptops of all time.

64. You can easily watch television on your laptop with a Dell Angel USB Tuner.

65. The Dell Latitude D620 and D820 received the "Best of the Best" award from LAPTOP Magazine.

66. Dell HyperConnect provides allows you to easily connect wirelessly resulting in increased productivity.

67. Despite what some people may say, Dell laptops are no more likely to explode than any other brand.

68. Some Dell laptops such as the Inspiron e1405 allow your battery to stay uncharged for 8+ hours.

69. The Inspiron e1505 received the "Best Buy" award from PC World.

70. Earn huge discounts on Dell laptops when you are a student or work for the government.

71. The Dell XPS m1710 continues to be a favorite choice among gamers.

72. Dell was the first to master the direct model. Without Dell, almost every laptop you buy would be more expensive.

73. Dell Latitude notebooks can handle anything you throw at them. Including the creation of extensive engineering models.

74. Some Dell laptops, such as the D420, are an incredible 3 lbs. Giving you the ability to take them anywhere.

75. Dell's keyboards remain very respectable in the laptop world. Including it's smaller models such as the Dell XPS m1210.

76. Dell and Microsoft have teamed up to increase family safety by giving tutorials and up-to-date information to help keep your laptop secure.

77. Dell Docking Station allows a simple an easy way to store your laptop.

78. Receive mail-in rebates on select Dell laptops.

79. Dell's Latitude series offers businesses the protection and security that they desire.

80. The more you check out Dell's official site the more you appreciate it's information and easy of use.

81. Despite want many claim, Dell's phone support is often very reliable and helpful.

82. If you want, an online representative can walk you through the entire purchasing process.

83. Dell strives to be environmentally-friendly and offers a free recycle kit with your order.

84. I have used Dell for 10 years and have only one minor problem with them.

85. The XPS m1710 won Editor's Choice award from CNET.

86. If your laptop becomes missing, wrong, or damaged just let them know and they will take care of everything.

87. Dell provides many different types of warranties, including at home 24/7 service.

88. Dell has been selling laptops online for over ten years now, giving them a distinct advantage over the competition.

89. Dell's XPS series has breathtaking beauty and cool lighting features that you won't see in any other laptop.

90. Their is an overwhelming joy when your Dell laptop first arrives at your doorstep.

91. StudioDell is a fun way for Dell users to share videos of how they use their laptops.

92. Dell must be doing something right because they continue to be in the top 1 or 2 when it comes to total laptops sold.

93. Dell has special offers to loyal purchasers of their products.

94. The Dell XPS m1210 received the best thing-and-light notebook award by Computer Shopper Magazine.

95. Dell has less pre-installed software on their computers compared to some other brands.

96. You can check online for the status of a service call that you are expecting.

97. IdeaStorm allows you to post your ideas where the Dell online community will vote and seriously consider using your idea.

98. DellConnect is a 21st century way of fixing laptops by allowing the Dell representative complete control of your laptop through a broadband connection.

99. Dell gives you the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly where other laptops can't.

100. Millions of people are repeat-customers from Dell to their overwhelming satisfaction.

101. The Dell Inspiron e1505 has produced all of the content on this site and has been my most favorite laptop that I have ever purchased.

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