2007 Laptop Predictions

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As I make my 2007 laptop predictions, it's exciting to look at all of the advances we have had in technology in 2006.

We were given the opportunity to have core duo processors which allowed us to easily do multiple things at once.

The top name brands gave us plenty of new laptop models with prices lower then we have ever seen before.

I predict that this year will be...

The Year Of Great Software

We know for certain that 2007 is getting off to a great start with Windows Vista. This is going to have an increasing demand on making bigger and better software.

So get ready for some amazing things to roll out this year. Better browsers. Better web applications. Better everything!

And of course with better software you will need more powerful laptop to run these applications.

Expect Much Cheaper Laptops

I expect laptops to really take a huge drop in prices this year.

Laptops get a cheaper every year, but I expect laptops to become affordable for a much broader audience this year.

Nearly everyone will be able to purchase a quality laptop at a price they can afford. Expect the number of laptops that are prices $350 or less to increase dramatically in 2007.

As Far As New Technology

We are slowly starting to see quad core processors being put in desktops. Perhaps by the end of 2007 we will see some laptops with quad core processors.

Another thing that we have seen in 2006 was the introduction of high definition laptops.

This should certainly continue to grow. I predict that nearly every direct laptop will have the option of an HD drive to be put in it.

Bold Predictions

You can't make 2007 laptop predictions without being a little controversial. So I am really going go out on a limb...

  • Apple computers will drop in sales because of the growing popularity of Windows Vista.
  • Dell will dominate the laptop industry and have fewer reports of laptops exploding.
  • Laptop screens and speakers will be the biggest improvements in laptop hardware.
  • And of course, Direct-Laptops-Guide.com will be the your favorite site for laptop information and discounts!
  • Unfortunately, I can only control one of these predictions.

    And it's really important to me. So if you ever have a laptop question, don't hesitate to contact me.

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