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Direct Laptops Lovers, Issue #003 - November 06 Updates
November 11, 2006

Well I have certainly been busy lately. I decided that shouldn't just simply be about laptops in general but how to use them as well.


1. Windows XP Tricks
2. Build Your Own Site
3. System Restore

1. Windows XP Tricks

Windows XP is certainly full of options and settings that you can play with. There is a ton of really cool things that you can do.

I've spent hours upon hours on a computer in my day. Here is a few tricks that I have learned that I don't think most people know about.

These tricks save me time and effort on a daily basis.

Check them out and see if you don't learn a thing or two...

Windows XP Tips

2. Build Your Own Site

I have had so much fun building

Have you ever though about building a site of your own?

Well I can assure you, it's much easier then you think!

Whatever your hobby or passion is, you can turn it into a highly successful and profitable website.

Be sure to read my story of how I got started with the site...

Build A Successful Site

3. System Restore

Before you call customer support and become frustrated from talking to recordings for an hour, there is something you should do first.

It's called System Restore.

It's one of the best things that came when Windows XP came out. It's basically like having your laptop travel back to a time when it was running properly.

If you have never heard of it you certainly should. Because it is the number one way to fix your computer.

Don't be afraid to fix things yourself. You simply can't screw anything up with this tool...

System Restore

Until next time,

Ryan Whiteside
Direct Laptops Guide


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