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A bit dated...

by John

Information here is a bit dated. Dell sells through Best Buy. You can get the same price, if not better, for the same computer through Best Buy. Go figure.

By the way, if you are foolish enough to buy a Dell through Best Buy (like I did), Dell technical support won't help you under their policy... you will find this out AFTER waiting an hour to talk to one of their technical support reps in India. You gotta love a company that won't support their own product solely because of the channel you purchased it through.

I just bought a Dell. Their Dell wireless card, on their Dell computer, didn't work straight out of the box. Dell technical support won't help since bought from Best Buy. The 18 year old Geek Squad representative was perplexed (go figured). Needless to say, it is going back to Best Buy and I will be leaving with a Toshiba. Dell needs to change their policies and think about testing their product before shipping.

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