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Acer Travel Mate 2350 Experience

by Ashish Malhotra

Around two year back I bought the Acer travel mate 2350 laptop. I liked the looks of the laptop and also the features. This laptop has everything that I wanted such as wifi, dvd-rom, usb etc. and the speed of the laptop was very good.

But after one month, I found that my usb port was not working. When I sent my laptop to the company they told me that the usb port was not working due to the motherboard.

They said I needed to buy a new motherboard, but due to some monetary problem I was not able to buy one.

Then they said another option is to use a pcmcia usb card. This is a card that works on a usb port. It's was surpisingly very cheap. I bought one pcmcia card and now I am able to attach my usb devices to the laptop.

Later though, I found that my wifi wasn't working. So again I sent my laptop to the company and they said due it was due to the motherboard fault.

Again after about 5 months later I found out that the battery life of the laptop was decreasing. And I had to buy a new one.

Overall my experience was that the Acer travel mate 2350 is a good laptop, but after 2 years, I found many problem with it and the company was not able to repair any of them. Otherwise the laptop was good.

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