An Alternative To The Add Remove Programs?

The Add Remove Programs applet has been the best way to completely remove a program from your laptop computer for a long time now.

But that was simply because there was no other option. If you have ever used this applet before, you know how slow it is to load and remove things.

If you are looking for something better, then look no further. I came across some software the other day called Safarp.

It's a free tool that outperforms the original Add Remove Program by leaps and bounds! What usually takes a minute or two now only takes a few seconds.

Why Is It Important To Have This?

If you are the type of person that is constantly downloading things, this software will be extremely valuable to you.

The more junk that you have on your laptop that you don't want, the slower it is going to run. And eventually, it's going to perform so slowly you will need to buy a new laptop.

So it is a good idea to constantly get rid of programs that you no longer want or use. And this tool will help you do that much faster and easier.

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