Here Is What To Do After You Upgrade To Vista

After you upgrade to Vista, there are certainly a few steps you need to take in order to get things up and running the way that you want it to.

If you were like me, you wanted to do a hundred different things after Vista was installed.

One important thing to do is to activate your account. You get 30 days to activate it but you should do it immediately so you don't forget about it later. Because after 30 days it disables and prevents you from using it.

To activate your account, go to Start -> Control Panel -> System.

At the very bottom it will say where you need to go in order to activate it.

Once you get to the activation screen, you will have to find your product key. There are two ways to go about finding your product key.

1. Open the box that it came in and look on the opposite side of the disc. It will be an orange sticker with 25 numbers and digits.

2. If you threw away the box there is still hope for you. Your product key is on your computer but it is hidden in the registry. In order to find it, you need to download a program called Magic Jelly Bean to find it for you.

I know the name sounds silly, but all it does is magically locate your Product Key for you. And it is one of the few product key finders that are compatible with Vista.

Once you get your product key, just activate it online or call the number that they provide and Vista is yours forever!

Virus Protection

The next thing you should do after you upgrade to Vista is install virus protection.

Windows Vista is the most secure Windows ever! It comes with Windows Defender to protect you from harmful malware and spyware. But it doesn't have any built in virus protection.

Fortunately, there is plenty of free software to go around. You can find more information on free virus protection by clicking here (opens new window).

Restoring Your Old Folders

After you upgrade to Vista, you are probably going to spend the first few days frantically getting everything set up. Things such as...

  • installing old programs
  • setting your bookmarks back up
  • trying to find all the important files that you kept on your USB drive or disc
  • For some of you, this could take you a long time! But when you upgrade to Vista, it creates a folder called Windows.old that has all of your files and folders from your laptop onto it.

    To get to this folder, click on Start -> Search

    Make sure you are searching your entire computer. Then type Windows.old in the search box. It should come up almost immediately.

    Every file that was on your old computer can be found here! Browse through and look at everything that you would like to keep.

    It's probably a good idea to eventually delete the Windows.old folder. On my laptop, this folder was 14GB. This is a massive amount of your hard drive. So you will probably want to get rid of it once you're sure that you have restored all of the files that you want.

    What Next?

    There are certainly many more things that you can do from here. The following should certainly be on your to do list as well...

    If you are a laptop user, be sure to learn more about Vista's power options.

    If you are having problems getting everything to work, you may need to install drivers to make sure all of your hardware is working properly.

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