How And Why YOU Should Listen To Audio Programs

One of the most productive things you can do during your idol time is listen to audio programs.

It has been estimated that the average adult spends 500 to a 1000 hours in their car.

You can turn this time into quality listening time with the use of audio programs.

Your laptop can be the ultimate holder of all of your audio books.

Programs usually come in 6 CD's or more. This can be a hassle in both carrying around and also changing discs while your listening.

If you put all of them on your laptop, they are all in one place and you don't have to ever change any CD's.

Audio programs are also great when you find yourself stuck in an area where there isn't any wireless internet. No matter where you are with your laptop you can listen to an audio book.

How To Listen To Audio Books On Your Laptop

In order to listen to audio books, you are first going to choose a place to store them. If you don't want to mess with installing anything you can use Windows Media Player. This comes automatically installed on your laptop if you have Windows.

The most popular choice among audio book listeners is iTunes. It's incredibly easy to use and you can download it free at Apple's official website.

All you have to do to put the audio program into iTunes is put the CD in and go to File -> Add Folder To Library. Then choose the CD and iTunes will take care of the rest.

Another thing you might want to do is adjust your laptop so when you close the lid nothing happens.

Usually want happens when you close your lid is it goes into sleep mode. When it does this everything temporarily shuts down so you can't listen to any audio. This is normally good because you want to save battery life.

But when you want to listen to an audio program you want to still be able to listen to it when you close the lid.

If you have Windows Vista, simply go to your Control Panel and go to Power Options

On the left side click on Choose what closing the lid does.

Then choose to do nothing when it closes the lid and you are all set.

close lid options

Now you can enjoy audio books on your laptop to it's fullest. They really are addicting! If you are like me, you will be so shocked at how much you enjoy listening to them.

Almost any book you have ever wanted to read has an audio version.

I highly encourage you to check out Simply Audiobooks. It's the biggest and the best audio book site on the internet.

I have made an arrangement with them to allow you to have a 15 day free trial. Just to test it out and see if you like it.

I tried it out mainly just to listen to a couple of free audio books. I never thought I would consider being a member. But to my surprise I have been a happy subscriber for over a year now.

It's amazing how many books you can get through by simply listening in your spare time. I never thought I would ever have the time to read some of the great books that I had always wanted to read. But now I can and it's all thanks to Simply Audiobooks.

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