Your Guide To The Best 14 Inch Laptops

With so many laptops out there, how can you choose between the best 14 inch laptops?

There are many advantages to having a 14 inch laptop. If you want a laptop that...

  • is lightweight and easy to carry
  • gets the best battery life possible
  • is still large enough to get plenty of work done
  • If these sound similar to what you are looking for then a 14 inch laptop is probably a good size for you.

    So Which Ones Really Stick Out

    If getting a quality laptop at the cheapest price possible is your main concern then you should certainly take a look at the HP Pavilion dv2000t.

    It's the most affordable laptop in its class.

    If you are looking for a budget laptop, you can customize the dv2000t cheaper then any other 14 inch laptop.

    But if you want better and long-lasting quality, you can customize it to be a very high-performing laptop.

    Whatever you are looking for, it should be able to perform exactly like you want it.

    Similar in price is the Dell Inspiron e1405.

    Either one of these laptops could be cheaper on any given day. It simply depends on who is having the better sale at the moment.

    You are certainly getting dependable quality no matter which one of these laptops that you choose.

    What About Something A Little Nicer

    If initial price isn't your number one concern, certainly the Lenevo Thinkpad t60 is in a league of its own.

    You certainly will be satisfied with its overall build and quality.

    Also, you will be getting the latest and greatest technology from this laptop.

    Paying extra on a laptop such as the Thinkpad t60 can save in the long run. By getting this laptop, you are more likely to hold on to this laptop longer then you might with another one.

    What About The Rest

    Sure I could have talked about a few others that are OK.

    But these three laptops are really all you need to look at. They are by far the best 14 inch laptops currently in their class.

    And I'm sure you will be very satisfied having one these arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible!

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