The Best Firefox File Sharing Add On

If you enjoy file sharing, I found the best Firefox file sharing add on.

There is simply no way you can create something easier and more user-friendly.

The program is called AllPeers (opens new window).

If you haven't yet, please watch the demo video above. It's really quite amazing how easy it is.

AllPeers allows you to share pictures, videos, even websites to friends that you add on your list.

Everything is as simple as dragging your item onto the name or group of people that you want to send it to.

This is an absolute gem for you office workers out there that love sharing things with other employees. Trust me, it works much better than e-mail in this regard.

AllPeers is as good as it gets when it comes to peer to peer sharing in Firefox.

Unlike other products that have their own software, AllPeers is built right into Firefox. With just one click, you can begin sharing and receiving files from all of your friends.

I encourage you to give it a try.

After you do, contact me and we can add each other to our lists of friends. I would love to see some of the interesting things that you have to share.

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