"What Is The Best Web Browser And Does It Even Matter?"

It certainly does matter to choose the best web browser. Browsers can make your online experience much faster and less of a hassle.

Internet Explorer was for a long time the only major web browser that you could choose from. But the times have changed...

There have been a few major competitors that have come up with some great ideas and have given Internet Explorer a run for their money.

By far my favorite web browser is Firefox. It open up much faster and runs much more smoothely than Internet Explorer could ever dream of.

Every hacker out there has fallen in love with the performance of Mozilla Firefox.

If you are sick and tired of Internet Explorer always shutting down for no reason then make the switch today!

Don't think that all web browsers will do the same because they won't. I am on the internet constantly and I can only recall Firefox shutting down once or twice.

It simply doesn't happen as often as Internet Explorer.

Another great feature that Firefox has introduced is tabbed browsing. If you are tired of having four or five browsers open at the same time then tabbed browsing eliminates this problem.

All you have to do is hold your control button and hit T and a new browser will open up within the same browser. This is confusing to describe so...

Firefox tabs

Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. All you have to do is click from one tab to another. It is very easy and a whole lot more convenient!

The next useful tool that Firefox offers is the search engine box in the top right corner.

You simply click on what search engine you want to use and type in your keyword right from your browser! This will save you SO much time compared to going to the search engine page and then doing your search.

The best web browser is by far Mozilla Firefox. The more you use it the more you appreciate the time that it saves you. If you currently use Internet Explorer don't worry...

Firefox transfers all of your bookmarks over to its browser if you want it to. It's absolutely free to download. And I guarantee you will like it more than Internet Explorer.

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