What Exactly Is A Blu-ray Laptop?

Blu-ray is the latest high definition technology from Sony. And of course, a Blu-ray laptop is a laptop that features this unbelievable technology.

Sony has long been one of the top providers of amazing new gizmos and gadgets.

And they want nothing less then to create the premier high definition player on the market.

However, they are in steep competition with the standard HD-DVD player. While Blu-ray may be better in overall quality, HD-DVD certainly beats them in price.

You can fit 25GB of space on just one Blu-ray disc. That is an absolutely phenomenal amount of disc space!

You can basically fit everything that is on your laptop with just a couple Blu-ray discs.

That is why Blu-ray discs work great for much more then just movies. It works for video games, computer software, and music as well.

Sony has combined some of the top engineers with movie-makers and artists of all kind to provide this new technology.

HD-DVD Or Blu-ray

They will long battle it out as the premier high definition format. But one thing is for certain...

Blu-ray will not go away. It simply has way too much to offer and too much research has been put into it for it to simply go away.

Now I'm not claiming that Blu-ray will be the only high definition DVD format out there.

But you will get some use out of Blu-ray no matter what happens.

What About Laptops

The only place to get a Blu-ray laptop is through Sony. And very few Sony laptops have Blu-ray.

Sony likes to keep their greatest technologies to themselves for the most part. They are the only brand to carry XBRITE screens.

And who could blame them?

You know when you get a Sony product of any kind you are getting some of the newest innovations that can't be found anywhere else.

As for Blu-ray...

If you can afford it and you want the ultimate in high definition, its basically your only choice!

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