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Blue Screen Problem

I recently purchased a brand new Dell laptop from Future Shop. It came with Windows Vista installed and was eligible for a Windows 7 Premium Upgrade.

Therefore, I thought it was a good buy. Only paid about $700 + tax for the laptop and it came with a nice blue screen as well. It looked amazing from the outside and it was running fine the first day.

However, what happened the next day was a blue screen error emerged on the screen. All of a sudden, my computer had stopped working. I had not made a backup disc since I had no time the day before. So I kept trying to restore the system but then again the Blue Screen came to on the computer repeatedly.

I called Dell's service line and a technician tried to guide me through the troubleshooting. However, it was useless. It was a waste of 45 minutes and not being able to do anything. The agent who was trying was very helpful, but was not understanding the fact that I did not have a backup disc. Therefore, he just kept repeating himself, which got very annoying. But then again, he tried to say maybe there is a problem with the Microsoft Vista version that has been installed with your computer.

Therefore, I was fed up and I took it back to the Future Shop, but since I was a student, there was no way I could afford to wait for a backup disc to arrive at my home. I just think that if I should purchase a laptop from a store, it should work without any potential problems. They gave me a complete refund after examining and they said that the blue screen issue is very common for that particular type of computer.

They also noted it was common with the Gateway Brand as well due to some technical error. Whatever it was, it is not worth the hassle. Now I own a sony, and it works great. No problems so far.

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