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Bought A Bad Dell Computer

by Brittney
(Danville, ky, USA)

I bought my first laptop a couple of years ago. I decided to buy a Dell because it was a brand name that I heard a lot. When I got the laptop home everything seemed to be great. Then after I set everything up it stopped working.

It would turn on, but it wouldn’t let me do anything. It just kept going to a black screen. When I tried to call technical support I found out that I had to pay just to try to get someone to help me. I was told to reboot the whole computer with the disc that I was provided, and then they hung up with me.

When I did this everything went to normal. Then after about an hour it went back to a black screen. I got so frustrated that I took it back to the store where I bought it and they told me that I had a faulty computer. They said that it probably slipped through the cracks at testing. I was so frustrated that I decided to go with another brand of computer.

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