Your Guide To Buying A Webcam

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Video is becoming more and more common on the internet everyday now. Buying a webcam certainly has many advantages. Have you ever wanted to...

  • see the person on the phone that you are talking to

  • post videos online for everyone to see

  • be able to show someone what you are talking about instead of explaining it in an email

    If any of these apply to you, then a web cam is a great idea.

    Web cams come in all shapes and sizes. They also have a wide variety of price ranges depending on the quality.

    You have to think about what you want to use your web cam for before purchasing one. If quality isn't overly important to you, then a nice $15-$20 web cam will be more then enough to keep you happy.

    However, you can certainly see a difference in quality in some of the more advanced webcams. So take that into consideration.

    If you are looking for the most quality at an affordable price, I suggest getting a logitech webcam.

    This is the one that I personally use to talk to friends over the internet. And I have also posted a few videos at YouTube and the quality was certainly good enough.

    If you are looking for something of higher quality, an important thing to look for is how many megapixels it has. This is certainly a good indicator of how much quality you are going to get.

    One Important Tip

    Don't put too much emphasis on what kind of software that it comes with. Most webcams come with some sort of movie making tool that let's you create a number of things.

    Why shouldn't you care?

    Because you probably own a program that is just as good as, if not better then whatever software it comes with.

    If you own Windows XP, it is called Windows Movie Maker

    Most people don't realize that such a fun and easy to use tool is on your laptop computer but it is.

    Give that a try before ever installing the software that your webcam comes with.

    What Can You Use Your Webcam For

    As mentioned earlier, their are lots of cool things to do after buying a webcam.

    If you would like to see the person that you are talking to, you can download Skype. They are a company that is owned by eBay which allows you to call anyone for free

    You can also post your favorite videos at video hosting sites such as YouTube or Google Video

    This is much easier then you think. Especially if you use Windows Movie Maker.

    And if none of that interests you, it's fun just to record videos that you can have and keep on your laptop.

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