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Compaq Presario f700 Review

by Ken
(Owosso, MI, USA)

my f700.

my f700.

Exactly two years ago to the day, ironically, I bought a Compaq Presario f700 laptop from Walmart.

The reasoning behind choosing this laptop was being a young high school student and college bound and I needed a sturdy yet affordable laptop for various reasons. I've been very happy with this computer, with the exception of a few blips.

Some positives are the built-in WiFi. It's also very sleek and stylish looking. Some negative on the other hand: the chargers short out every month or two and I've found myself going through over 10 chargers, at the very least, over the past two years; which is quite the hassle.

Also, my CD/DVD burner is no longer recognized by the computer for some reason, which is a huge pain in the neck.

Luckily, I can get by without the DVD player, but it's annoying that I even have to go without it.

Basically, I'd recommend this computer for anyone just wanting a fun computer for personal use, although you could probably find a much better laptop if you look around... don't settle if you don't have to!

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