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Dead Battery

by Tisha

I had only had my Dell laptop for a little over a year and the entire time, I had been very careful not to drop or abuse it.

One morning when I was turning it on, I had a warning appear that said that my battery was broken.

I had it checked out by a computer technician and sure enough, a battery that wasn't even close to 2 years old was only holding 25 to 30 percent charge no matter what!

Instead of buying a $100 laptop battery, I ended up just keeping the laptop plugged in until about a year and a half to two years later when the power cord also decided to break.

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Jan 14, 2010
Batteries Dying Is Typical
by: Ryan

Hey Trish,
Sorry to hear about your battery problem. Laptop batteries dying is very typical. In fact, you are probably lucky that your laptop battery lasted for 2 years!

As much as I use my laptops, I usually have to buy a new one once a year. Try buying one from eBay. It will certainly cost much less than $100. I think I usually get one for my Dell for around $30 which I consider to be much more reasonable.

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