Find Out From This Dell b130 Review If This Laptop Is Worth The Amazing Price Tag

In this Dell b130 review, you will learn if this budget friendly laptop is right for you.

The Dell b130 is one of the last basic models that can be found on the website. It's sole purpose is to be very affordable but still have enough performance to be worth buying.

This laptop certainly might be for you if ...

  • You don't care about playing video games or watching movies.

  • You don't care about upgrading to Windows Vista.

  • You want a nice and cheap laptop that you can surf the internet and write papers with.

    As far as the processor goes, you only have one choice with the processor and that is a 1.83 GHz Pentium M Processor. This processor does a fine job at running all of the basic things.

    If you tend to do several things at one time, you may want to switch to the Dell Inspiron e1405 or even the Dell Inspiron e1505.

    They feature a dual core processor which runs several things at the same time rather nicely.

    When it comes to battery life, you have a choice between a 4-cell and 6-cell battery. If weight is a big issue, then get the 4-cell. If you care anything about using your laptop while not plugged into an outlet then get the 6-cell.

    With a 4-cell battery, you can expect to be unplugged for about two and a half hours. In comparison to the 6-cell where you can expect around four or five hours.

    The next thing to talk about in this Dell b130 review deals with heat and noise. This is one of the best things about the b130! This is one hassle that you will not have to worry about.

    The Dell b130 remains very quiet most of the time that you use it. This is because it very rarely gets overheated. Dell has really done a terrific job with dealing with this aspect.

    As far as the screen goes, the Dell b130 offers a 15.4-inch screen. This can be compared to the b120 which is exactly like the b130 except it is a 14.1-inch screen.

    This screen is not widescreen like you get out of most of the other Dell laptops. However, you probably won't have too many complaints.

    The picture quality is very nice and the size is good enough for most people.

    Overall, if you aren't too demanding when it comes to your laptop then this is probably the best laptop for you!

    Most budget laptops look and feel extremely cheap and will fall apart in no time. Dell is the best when it comes to price. So when it comes to budget laptops you are getting the absolute best quality with the Dell b130.

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