Dell Inspiron 1501 Review

The first thing to notice in this Dell Inspiron 1501 review is that it is 1501 and not the e1501.

This means that this isn't another laptop in Dell's entertainment series. However, it was designed to be a more affordable version of the extremely popular Dell Inspiron e1505.

So how does this laptop compare?

Well the biggest difference is in the processor. The 1501 features an AMD Turion processor. While the e1505 has a Centrino Core Duo processor.

The Turion processor comes in a dual core version and a regular version. If you do decide to purchase the 1501 it is strongly encouraged that you get the cheap upgrade to the dual core.

Other then the processor, some major difference between the two laptops is media features.

There isn't a Media Direct button and there isn't any media buttons (play, stop, fast forward, etc.) on the front of the Inspiron 1501.

This is certainly devastating to those who like to play videos and listen to music on their laptop.

Also, you have basically no options when it comes to video cards. The Inspiron 1501 comes with a high quality ATI Radeon video card.

Watching videos and other applications with this video card will look very good in this laptop.

Also, if you later to upgrade to Windows Vista, this video card will make everything look stunning and give you a better Vista experience.

So What About The Price?

The whole purpose of the Dell Inspiron 1501 is to be a cheaper version of the Inspiron e1505. And of course it is. But...

Not that much cheaper!

If you are absolutely budget conscious and you need something that performs a little better then the Dell b130 then this is the laptop for you.

Otherwise, you are better off going with the Inspiron e1505. It only costs a little more, and you get a much better laptop.

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