Dell Inspiron 6400 Review

There really isn't much to say that hasn't already been said in this Dell Inspiron 6400 review.

Why is that you ask?

That is because the Dell Inspiron 6400 is exactly the same thing as the Dell Inspiron e1505. So why do they have a different name?

I spoke with a Dell representative and they told me that the Dell Inspiron 6400 could only be ordered through a business credit card. This led me to believe that there was some kind of advantage in getting the Dell Inspiron 6400.

However, I was told that the only difference in price was that with the Dell Inspiron 6400 you would be charged a business tax.

So if you thought you found a kink in the system and would get a much cheaper Dell laptop then you were unfortunately wrong. If you like the Dell Inspiron e1505 model then go ahead and get it and don't look back.

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