What You Need To Know About The Dell Inspiron 640m

The Dell Inspiron 640m is the business version of the very popular Dell Inspiron e1405.

It's basically the exact same laptop. The only thing different is the name and how you can configure it.

Since the Inspiron 640m is designed for business, it comes with the Professional or Business Windows operating system. The e1405 is made more for home use so it comes with Windows Media Center.

Their are other minor differences in how you can configure them but for the most they are the same.

So What Is Great About The 640m

If you need laptops that can easily be taken from place to place you won't be disappointed in the 640m

It has a 14-inch laptop screen which is the perfect size for if you want portability but still want to get some work done.

It's also lightweight and can comfortably fit on your lap.

It has a Core Duo processor which is by far the most popular processor among laptop enthusiasts.

You certainly won't have to worry about the performance. This laptop will be able to give you everything you need and a lot more.

Bottom Line

If your business is on a tight budget then this laptop is right for you.

Or you don't mind spending $500 less for something that performs exactly the same as the higher priced competitors then this laptops is right for you.

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