This Dell Inspiron 9400 Review Will Help You Decide If This Laptop Is Right For You

The Dell Inspiron 9400 review can simply be summarized by what calls this laptopand that is simply a multimedia powerhouse!

If you have never heard the term desktop replacement before then you are about to experience what one is.

The Inspiron 9400 can easily handle everything that your desktop can. But you also have the convenience of taking your computer with you wherever you go.

This means that you can always have a powerful laptop by your side. So no matter where you go it will seem like you never left your home or office.

This laptop can truly handle all of your mulimedia purposes. And when you have a laptop that can handle multimedia, it can also easily handle anything else that you want to throw at it.

Does your business have really demanding software?

If it does then you are going to be happy to know that the Dell Inspiron 9400 should be able to handle it.

This can be credited to its core duo processor and its minimum of 1GB of laptop memory.

This means you get a laptop that can handle many things at the same time. So you or your employees can get more things done. And you won't have to deal with your laptop slowing you down.

The Inspiron 9400 also features a 17-inch screen. This means you have more room to work with. Now you have the power and the screen size to get some serious work done.

If size isn't a huge importance to you then check out the 15.4-inch Dell Inspiron 6400. This can save you a little cash if you are looking for something a little more mobile.

However, the Inspiron 9400 is a terrific bargain for a laptop of its size and power. The only thing that it doesn't really excel at is weight and battery life.

While it can be used while on your lap, it may be a little uncomfortable for some people. But if you plan on placing it on a desk or table most of the time then this shouldn't be a concern.

Also, this laptop doesn't excel compared to some other Dell laptops when it comes to battery life. Larger screens simply need more power to run. So you will only expect around 3 hours of unplugged time.

But this shouldn't be a problem if you plan to be near an outlet within 3 hours like most people are.

So how do you really benefit from the Dell Inspiron 9400?

Well you certainly get a laptop capable of almost anything. And that it turn means it will last you a long time. This saves you money when you don't need to get new laptops because they can't handle your company's software.

If price isn't as much of a concern to you then I suggest you check out the Dell XPS M1710. It is super powerful but costs a little bit more.

I personally have loved what I have gotten out of my Dell Inspiron 9400. After using it for a few months, I have decided that I will never buy a desktop again!

I am more than willing to pay that little extra to get a laptop.

And I would always recommend getting a Dell. You always get everything that the competitors have...

But for a much cheaper price!

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