Dell Inspiron e1405 Review

In this Dell Inspiron e1405 review, you will find out if a small ultra-portable laptop is right for you. Or perhaps you would benefit more from a larger screen with a little added power.

The e1405 is the perfect Dell laptop for those looking for something affordable yet still have enough power to do everyday things that can be taken on the road.


You simply can't go wrong with the core duo processor. Once you have tried a laptop with dual technology you will never want to go back

Battery Life

The e1405 is the best out of the Dell entertainment laptops when it comes to time spent unplugged. If you purchase a 9-cell battery you can spend over 8 hours unplugged! This is much better than most laptops which sometimes can't stay unplugged for half of that time.


The Dell Inspiron e1405 is right for you if you don't plan on playing video games or other grueling tasks. It's small design and excellent battery life will be very much appreciated from the road warrior.

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