Dell Inspiron e1505 Review

Dell Inspiron e1505

The first thing to notice from this Dell Inspiron e1505 review is the screen size. The e1505 is the mid-sized version in this series of Dell laptops. This means that it offers a 15.4-inch widescreen display.

This size screen is perfect for those that are looking for a screen that isn't too big but still is very portable. Another big advantage to the 15.4-inch screen is its price.

The Dell Inspiron e1505 is the cheapest of the the e1405, e1505, e1705 series. This is probably the biggest reason for choosing this laptop. It is also our choice for the best college student laptop. You get a quality laptop at a very affordable price.


The Dell Inspiron e1505 core duo processor is some of the newest and best technology. If you are like me, you like to do a hundred different things at once. And that is perfect with this processor.

The core duo makes it very easy to do things at the same time. You can run your anti-virus software and check your email at the same time and not worry about things getting slowed down.

The 1.66GHz processor is very fast with today's programs. However, ff you plan on keeping your laptop for a long time you might want to upgrade to a little bit faster like the 1.83 GHz or the 2GHz.


The next thing on the Dell Inspiron e1505 review to talk about is memory or laptop RAM. My advice is always to go all out when it comes to memory. The e1505 is Windows Vista compatible so the lowest that you can get is 512MB.

The dual processor certainly helps when it comes with running many applications but it helps even more to have more memory. I would recommend upgrading to the 1GB or higher.

Fortunately, a lot of the time Dell offers free upgrades to the 1GB. This offer comes off and on so if it isn't being offered right now than wait a week and try again.

Battery Life

As far as Dell laptop battery life goes, the e1505 does a pretty good job. With a 6-cell battery, you can easily expect to have four or five hours while unplugged. If you are watching a movie, I made it through a 1 hour and 45 minute movie and had 12% left on my battery.

This was using the Media Direct feature which allows you to watch a DVD without having Windows open.


As you can tell from this Inspiron e1505 review, you certainly can't go wrong with this laptop. It offers a great Core Duo processor. It is Windows Vista ready. It offers a very affordable price. And if configured right, it should last you a very long time!

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