Is The Dell Inspiron e1705 Right For You?

The Dell Inspiron e1705 is the big brother of the entertainment laptops from Dell. It's main purpose is to serve as a desktop replacement that can still be easily moved from location to location.

There are certainly a number of reasons why you would want this! If you are the type of person that ...

  • Needs to be able to take your work with you and not miss a beat.

  • Can't make the change to a smaller screen.

  • Don't care all that much about a laptop that will actually be on your lap.

  • Simply want to get rid of your desktop so you won't have to fuss around with so many wires.

    If this sounds like you then the e1705 might be what your looking for. If you are wanting something that is a little bit more portable than perhaps you should look at the e1405 or e1505 models.

    Nevertheless, the e1705 still has much to be desired ...

    Its processor boasts the powerful core duo technology which will make having multiple programs running at once be a piece of cake.

    This laptop is perfect for the person that is still a little skeptical about the whole laptop idea. You are going to get lots and lots of power out of this laptop!

    Unfortunately, for someone ready to jump into the laptop scene you might want to try another laptop. With a 9-cell battery, you can only expect to get a little under 3 hours of battery life.

    This isn't Dell's fault or anybody else's for that matter. Batteries have a hard time keeping up with any 17 inch laptop that you buy. If you want a lot of time unplugged you simply must get a smaller screen size.

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