The Ever Important Dell Laptop Service Tag

What is so important about the Dell Laptop Service Tag

There are many people out there that complain about Dell's Customer Support Service.

If you read their complaints you here about how slow it is and how they waited over an hour before they even got to speak with someone.

Although some of them might be exaggerating a little bit, some of them probably aren't.

Unfortunately for them, it was probably there own fault that they had to wait so long.

With any Dell laptop computer you purchase, you are given a unique 5 or 7 digit service tag. This number is like being a big celebrity at popular dance club.

You get much quicker service into Dell's Support System. It also saves both you and the representative from many unnecessary questions.

With your Dell laptop service tag, they can bring up what type of laptop you have and when you purchased it. So they can immediately begin to help you with your specific problem.

And as far as where to locate the Service Tag...

Simply look at the bottom of your laptop. There is a small sticker attached with the service tag and express service code.

If for some reason it isn't there, don't panic! There is another way that you can get this information.

Laptop Service Tag

Go to Start -> Dell Accessories -> Express Service Code and this will bring it up right on your screen.

So if you ever need customer service, and you don't want to wait several hours to get it then use the Service Tag.

If you are calling by phone you can dial it in when asked. Or if you are only you type it into the appropriate box. It is very quick and easy and you won't become one of the uninformed people that you read about who are complaining about poor Dell customer service!

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