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Dell Laptops Are Terrible

by Caroline

Back in summer 2005, I bought a laptop to go to college for my freshman year. Even though there are computer labs all over my college campus, I really wanted something portable and useful. I had never had my own laptop before, so I really didn't know a lot about buying one. I thought that I just needed something functional at the right price.

Dell does a great job of pricing its computers cheaply. This is because they have low quality computers made of cheap components. My Inspiron laptop took part in the widespread battery recall that happened in August 2006. Apparently, similar laptops had quickly combusted. I mailed in my old battery and got a new one, which was great on the part of Dell, but the possibility of my laptop bursting into flames for a year definitely should never have happened.

That's just a hardware problem. A software problem I experienced was constant freezing. My laptop was great for the first month or so. Then, the performance quickly spiraled downward.

I had to wait for all my programs to start up. Every time that I booted my Dell laptop up, I had to wait for a minimum of 6 minutes. Turning that thing on was a nightmare. I hate that laptop so much that I went completely off PCs and bought myself a Mac. It was a good choice.

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