Does The Low-Cost Dell Latitude D520 Deliver In Performance?

If you want a laptop that is all business and nothing else then the Dell Latitude D520 may be the perfect laptop for you.

This laptop wasn't designed for flashy graphics or a nice multimedia center. It was made to do business at an affordable price.

First, you must decide if you or your company tends to do many things at the same time.

If you are, then don't hesitate to get either the Better or Advanced models of the Latitude D520.

These laptops feature the core duo technology.

So you can perform many tasks at once. And you can stay up-to-date longer with the newest technology. That way you can save money down the road because your laptops will be more current.

The D520 gives you the option between a 14.1-inch screen or a 15-inch screen. It's simple...

  • If you want battery life get the 14.1-inch screen.

  • If performance is more important get the 15-inch screen.

    The Latitude D520 is a little different from most Dell laptops in that the screen isn't widescreen. This is an area that you may want to think about. If a wide screen would be more beneficial to you then you might consider the slightly more expensive Dell Latitude D820.

    But back to the D520...

    This laptop is very popular among small businesses. Why is this?

    Because you can do all of your basic tasks with this laptop. The D520 is very solid in the performance of...

  • running the internet

  • working with spreadsheets

  • and running your business software

    There isn't much else to say except the fact that this laptop is very solid. Solid in price, durability, performance, and battery life.

    This is a nice laptop to get the job done and not pay extra for the unnecessary features. I think you will agree that the Dell Latitude D520 is a quality investment that will help your business grow and get quality work done.

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