The Dell Latitude D620 Blows Away The Competition's Price Tag

The Dell Latitude D620 is the little brother of the Dell Latitude D820.

The two areas that this laptop excels at compared to other Dell laptops is security and battery life.

The Latitude D620 has many different levels of security so you can keep your files safe.

The first level or protection is a smart card reader. It kind of works like a key in which you have to place the card in the laptop and then enter a password in order to boot up. This high level of security is probably all that you need to keep your laptop safe.

But what if you want more protection?

If you want the most protection possible then you can get the optional fingerprint reader...

Fingerprint Reader

All you have to do is place your finger in the reader circled in red above and it will verify that it is really you. This is perfect if you have a bad feeling that your smartcard will get lost or stolen.

You certainly won't lose your finger!

These levels of protection do so much more than a simple password will do. More security will really help keeping your company's files safe. Especially if you have some irresponsible employees.

Another area where this laptops excels is battery life.

Not simply because it can last near four hours unplugged under heavy conditions. But because it takes advantage of Dell's Express Charge system.

AC Adaptor

I highly recommend that you get a 90W A/C Adapter if you decide to get this laptop. You will be able charge to 80% within one hour on a 4 or 6-cell battery.

This is great if your business goes from location to location and needs to have a quick charge. You won't be stuck with a useless laptop because it needed too much time to get a charge. Now you will be able to get that extra time in working on your business.

The Dell Latitude D620 also offers a 14.1-inch widescreen. But don't let that number fool you. It is an extremely wide screen so you can work with many programs at once. Now you can have a portable laptop that can still display all of those programs that you need to have running at the same time.

And you are going to fall in love this it's durability.

You will be amazed by how solid the Latitude D620 looks and feels. If has many new technologies to keep it protected.

This means there is less of a chance you will need to get it repaired if it gets dropped or something spills on it. Now you won't have a decline in production and you will get lots of work done on the road.

Overall, the Dell Latitude D620 is perfect for a company that needs to have laptops on the go.

You get quality security so your important files are safe. You get a very durable laptop that can handle being on the road. And they will stay powered because Dell's ExpressCharge.

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