Dell Latitude D820 Review

After reading this Dell Latitude D820 review, you will realize that some laptops are built for pure business.

The first noticeable thing when using the Dell Latitude D820 is the screen.

This laptop screen doesn't stick out at you like some of the other Dell laptops. If watching movies is an important feature to you, you might want to check out some of the Dell Inspiron laptops.

Another reason this laptop wasn't made for multimedia is the speakers. If you want nice laptop speakers then the Dell Latitude D820 probably isn't for you.

But enough of all the harsh criticism. If you use this laptop for a few days, the last thing on your mind will be what is wrong with it!

The D820 is simply incredible when it comes to performance. This laptop is perfect for someone who is looking for a laptop that will last for a few years.

Everything about this laptop is ideal for doing serious work on. Here are just a few of the great qualities of the Dell Latitude D820...

  • Expect to get a little over 4 hours of battery life.

  • Don't worry about heating or noise because this laptop does an exceptional job in both areas.

  • It offers extreme durability and build quality.

    If you want a laptop that can handle all of your small business needs, don't miss out on this high quality laptop from Dell.


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