The Dell Precision M70 Is The Perfect Laptop For The Engineer Or Big Time Gamer

So you want a laptop to handle all those big time applications?

The Dell Precision M70 comes equipped to handle the biggest graphic projects that you can throw at it.

As a computer engineering major, I certainly couldn't just grab any computer and expect it to handle everything that I needed it to.

While there are certainly a number of laptops out there to choose from, the M70 certainly blows the competition away because...

  • it is around $700 cheaper than competitors with the same configurations. So if you decide you need even more power you can upgrade it even further.

  • its very light for a laptop with the power that it possesses. Which means no worrying about dragging a big heavy laptop around to all of the important destinations that you will need to go to.

  • and most importantly the price already includes a 3-year warranty program!

    Let's face it.

    Laptops are not quite as durable as we wish they could be just yet. Wouldn't it be nice to rest easy knowing you have Dell to take care of you in case something goes wrong?

    If you ask any informative laptop owner, they will all tell you to make sure you have a quality warranty to go along with your laptop.

    With the Dell Precision M70 you already have a 3-year plan so you won't be as stressed when your laptop travels with you to an unknown territory.

    This laptop also comes complete with a 9-cell battery. Which makes this laptop very portable. Now you won't have to worry about your laptop dying on you during the important work that you will be doing.

    No matter how you configure it, the Dell Precision M70 is fully capable of running the new Windows Vista.

    This means that you will be able to do even more with your laptop. And you will also save money because you will have a laptop that can run anything with ease for years to come.

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