For You Graphics Hogs Be Sure To Read This Dell Precision M90 Review

You will find this Dell Precision M90 review extremely useful if...

  • You are someone who demands heavy graphics like 3D CAD models or other 3D applications in your laptop.

  • You are an engineer or engineering student who wants a bigger screen than the Dell Precision M70.
  • If either one of these sounds anything like you then the Dell M90 could be the perfect choice for you.

    But if you are someone who is more interested in gaming, you would probably be better off looking at something like the Dell XPS M1710 or maybe even the Dell XPS M2010.

    The first thing about the Dell M90 to put a smile on your face is its build and durability. If you have feared in the past that you might drop your laptop and have to buy a new one...

    You definitely will not even think about this laptop getting damaged in any way.

    That is because it protected in a magnesium-alloy casing. And on top of that it Dell's patented Strike-Zone technology. So all of your very important models are safe from accidents.

    This laptop also comes with 6 USB ports. Which can really come in handy when you have a lot of things plugged into your computer.

    Another surprising quality about the Dell Precision M90 is its speakers.

    Do you like to listen to music while you work?

    This laptop does a better than average job when playing music. Normally I only listen to music with headphone when I have a new laptop. I found out why after listening to music with this laptop...

    Most laptops have little or no bass. But not this machine. It has a little subwoofer at the bottom. This makes listening to music through speakers while you are working enjoyable again!

    Another area that this laptop performs well in is heat and fan noise.

    I have had laptops in the best that would either get too hot or the fan would kick on and be very annoying. If you don't have a laptop that does well in this area then it doesn't matter how great it is at everything else.

    Forunately with the Dell M70, you won't have to worry about these things. You won't be distracted so you can focus on what you do best.

    One area that this laptop doesn't perform too strongly in is its screen. I would strongly suggest that you upgrade to the WUXGA LCD Panel.

    This basically gets rid of the only flaw that this laptop has.

    Without it, the screen tends to be a little dark in the corners. This could be a problem for you if need a sharp picture on some of your projects.

    But once again, all you need to do is upgrade the LCD panel.

    Overall, the Dell Precision M90 performs well almost all categories.

    If you work with 3D graphics and you need a 17-inch laptop, then this laptop is designed exactly for you.

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