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Dell VGA Problem

I am the owner of a Dell laptop. Since the moment I bought it, I have been experiencing problems with the display.

When I switched it on, the display was fine right up until the laptop has booted. After that, the display was gone. I’ve went into the system and tried to change the screen resolution. This had absolutely no effect. I have used my PC to download software from Dell’s website to correct this problem and loaded it onto my laptop. It did not work.

Someone told me that my graphics card was the problem (however obvious that may sound) and that there is no cure for this available from Dell itself. He suggested that I go directly to the nVIDIA website and download updated drivers from there.

I did that and guess what?

It did not solve my problem. By this time I was getting quite frustrated and decided that perhaps the most obvious solution to my problem was the one that I should have taken in the first place.

So I took my laptop back to the store where I bought it, had a good moan and with the blessing of the Dell Company itself, my laptop was exchanged and my new one works brilliantly.

I still don’t know what the problem was with the first laptop but right now I don’t really care.
Thank you, Dell. Your service was excellent and I’m very happy with my new laptop!

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