Dell XPS Laptop Review
A Machine Built for the Serious Gamers

Dell’s XPS series has a long history. The first XPS desktop was introduced in the market in 1993. And in 2003, Dell started to manufacture XPS laptops for the consumer market. This Dell XPS laptop review will focus on the latest improvements made by Dell on its XPS line.

dell xps laptop review

A Quick Overview of the XPS Series

XPS means Xtreme Performance System. The series has been designed to run high impact games and programs. It can display crisp graphics and multimedia without considerable slow down issues.

Consumers who experienced using the first generation XPS laptops were generally dissatisfied with the design aspects and features. Dell failed to deliver good aesthetics and produced boxy machines with sharp edges and bulky dimensions.

Fortunately, the latest versions of the Dell XPS series improved significantly in terms of appearance and performance. So here’s a basic Dell XPS laptop review for the latest models.

Design and Specs Upgrades for the Latest Dell XPS Laptops

Current XPS laptops of Dell include the Studio XPS. This model is considered as one of the higher end models of Dell laptops. It features a LED illuminated Querty keyboard and offers synthetic leather lid. The chassis comes in solid black or silver with LED illumination.

The new design gives the Studio XPS a state of the art feel. Dell also eliminated the boxy design and substantially trimmed the dimension of the body.

Dell’s Studio XPS has all of the hardware for gaming and videos. With many of them coming with a built in Blu-ray player, you'll be absolutely amazed by the picture quality coming from your laptop.

The Pros and Cons

Clearly, Dell XPS is built for the serious gamers. Its 3D performance is unmatched and will not experience issues running 3D graphics and programs. It has a very quiet hard drive and the machine will stay cool even if you spend hours of gaming with it.

The aesthetic quality of the new XPS laptops can match the looks of high end MacBooks and HPs. But there seems to be a little flex especially on the top areas of the keyboard.

Overall, this Dell XPS laptop review gives the current Studio XPS good ratings for performance and design innovations. So if you are looking for a good-looking laptop that can satisfy your gaming needs, Dell’s XPS laptop is probably one of your best options.

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