Can You Handle The Power And Portability Of The Dell XPS M1210?

When you think about the XPS series you think raw gaming power.

With the Dell XPS M1210 you get just that. But you also get a laptop that can be easily taken from place to place.

One of the best things about a small laptop screen size is battery life.

You can expect to be unplugged for around 7 hours with this machine.

Now you will be able to do your favorite things for a large part of the day without going near an outlet.

What else makes the XPS M1210 so portable?

Well first of all the screen is only 12.1-inches. This means that it will fit almost anywhere that you put it. So you won't feel so bad when you take it everywhere that you go.

Another reason that the XPS M120 is so portable is its durability.

From my own personal experience, it is very nice having a rock solid laptop. With this laptop you can drop it on the floor and it will just smile back at you.

One really nice thing about this laptop is the price. If you are looking for a powerful laptop at this size then don't waste your time looking elsewhere. You will not find a laptop anywhere that even comes close to the price of the M1210.

And because the price is so small, you might want have a little bit of cash left over to get some great add-ons.

One addition that you might strongly consider is the NVIDIA Video Card...

Viedo Card

If you want this laptop for gaming purposes then it is almost required that you get this. It will be the most beautiful 12-inch screen you have ever seen. Your friends will be jealous by how much gaming beauty your small laptop comes with.

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