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Dell XPS M1710 Lights Flickering

I bought a Dell XPS M1710 laptop about 3 years ago. I'm still using it and until now it has been the best laptop I've ever used. The XPS-series of course costs a lot of money, but you get quality equipment in return for that! Except for.. The LED lights this laptop featured!

The problem I had was with the built-in LED lights; those were included in the computer touchpad, the front speakers, the side fans and on the back of the computer screen.

After using the XPS M1710 a few months (say 3?) I noticed some LED lights (mostly on the side fans and back panel) began to flicker and sometimes even changed color! I called the special Dell XPS service center, but they told me there was unfortunately little to do; their warranty didn't cover these things! My only option was to return the laptop to Dell so they could replace them, but that ended up costing way too much money.

So I decided to just turn the lights off. And it doesn't bother me too much anymore . Even without the LED's it's still a nice laptop to have and use!

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