Does It Get Any Better Than The Dell XPS M1710?

Every now and then a new laptop completely blows away the competition. The Dell XPS M1710 is one of those laptops!

There isn't anything that this laptop can't handle with ease.

Which means the second you take this laptop out of the box you are going to have a smile on your face for a long time.

If you plan on doing anything and everything on your laptop then the XPS M1710 is for you.

The only thing that this laptop doesn't excel in being small and lightweight. And for that you can get the Dell XPS M1210.

So who is this laptop perfect for?

If you are any of the following then be sure to read on...

  • A big time gamer that wants a laptop to run Quake 4, Half-Life 2, or F.E.A.R with relative ease.

  • A person that wants to really watch movies on their laptop just like it was on television.

  • Someone who wants to spend a little extra so they can have a laptop that will last them a long time.

    The thing that is most impressive about the Dell XPS M1710 is how smoothly everything runs. When a game is being played the laptop remains quiet and stays cool.

    This means you get desktop quality gaming performance. So you won't even have to have a desktop if you don't want one. Which will save you a lot of money.

    The screen truly is a sight to see. It is a 17-inch WUXGA widescreen with Dell TrueLife.

    You will get every laptop owner around you their undivided attention when you are showing of your newest NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. I hope you don't mind the attention.

    Also, anyone within ear shot of you will be able to hear these fantastic speakers. These speakers will change everything that you think about laptop speakers.

    Not only is there actually quality bass, but when you turn the volume up all the way it is actually too loud! Now you can finally feel the action that you haven't felt yet out of a laptop.

    And as far as durability goes, you are going to want to throw this laptop down the stairs just because you can! This laptop feels so durable it seems like nothing could stop it.

    Another great thing about the Dell XPS M1710 is how well it performs in areas that you wouldn't expect it to perform well in.

    Things such as...

  • battery life

  • noise

  • and certainly overall weight.

    As powerful of a machine that this is you wouldn't expect to get anything out of this laptop. But you actually can get over a couple of hours even if you are doing the most demanding things.

    This means that you have plenty of time to watch a quality movie unplugged. And you will have some time to play some games in the car on the way up to a relatives house.

    And unlike some desktop replacements, you actually can have this laptop on your lap. The M1710 does way a little over 8-pounds, but this is far better than laptops of this quality and size.

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