"I Can't Live Without Desktop Sticky Notes"

You might be skeptical at first, but eventually you will fall in love with desktop sticky notes.

If you are familiar with Post It notes, sticky notes work in a very similar way. Without all the sticky residue.

Once you download the software, simply double-click on the program and type in your reminder.

I use a sticky note every time I have a new idea for a laptop page I want to build. I also use another one as my grocery list.

It's extremely easy to add and delete a sticky note. And although regular post it notes aren't expensive, with sticky notes you get a lifetime supply!

The advantages and possibilities are endless. I'm sure you will find some great uses for your sticky notes.

So Where Can I Download?

I've tried three or four different ones. Each had their own little quirks. Alarm clocks. Daily reminders.

But the one that I found the most useful was Stickies.

You can recover lost sticky notes in case they accidentally get deleted. And over all, this easy to use software will give you everything you want from a sticky notes download.

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