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    HP Notebook Ongoing Issues...

    I'm at the point of shattering my HP dv-4183cl notebook. This notebook has problems left and right. Motherboard issues, wifi card issues, keyboard issues,

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    Acer Laptops suck

    My newest problem is that the USB ports all stopped working. Every time you plug something into the USB ports, it says the hardware is not found. Every

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    HP hands down

    Ten years ago IBM (now Lenovo) was Alpha male, they were untouchable, quality was sublime, the ThinkPad developed cult status, Dell however had their classic

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    Build A Site With Site Build It

    Want to build a site that will make you some extra cash. See how I build this laptop site with Site Build It and receive an incredible discount.

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    My new HP Laptop

    I have recently purchased a HP laptop for myself. I got it in a good deal at a very cheap price. I paid just 27K for a core2duo processor, 250GB hard disk,2

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    Acer BSOD Fix

    I have had a long running problem with my Acer 9302AWSMi laptop in that it would sporadically give BSOD. It was also very slow to boot up. Finally it

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    Dual Monitor Laptop Setup Guide

    An easy to follow and complete guide to having a dual monitor laptop for your home or office.

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    HP vs Dell

    I like my HP and would never buy a Dell or any product based solely on a warranty, for the reason that a warranty is only good for a product that has a

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    Loose Hinges on HP Mini 1000

    We have approximately 50 of these Netbooks. I have found 4 so far with loose hinges. It starts out with the end user reporting the top being very loose,

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    Acer - Display goes off / suddenly switched off and never came back on

    It's been two years I had been working on Acer Aspire 5920. Faced the following problems so far: 1. Display went off all of sudden - had to give to the

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    Best Buy Dell Cheaper than Website Dell

    Um., I would like to say that I priced a Dell on the website, and it SEEMED to be cheaper than the exact same Bell that was being sold on the Best Buy

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    Toshiba beats Dell hands down

    I have a Dell and a Toshiba. Dell has crappy customer service (worst in the industry according to consumer reports), and a lousy 1 year manufacturer warranty

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    Compaq Presario f700 Review

    Exactly two years ago to the day, ironically, I bought a Compaq Presario f700 laptop from Walmart. The reasoning behind choosing this laptop was being

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    Acer Laptop Forced Restart

    I Recently put my laptop in sleep mode after it was in power saver mode and tried to switch it back o but it would not work. The light was flashing orange

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    My Dell Story

    I am a Dell fan. Bought my first Dell Desktop in 2000 and a laptop in 2003 (Dell Inspiron 500M) and at at the same time, a Dell Server (PowerEdge 16000

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    Must Have Laptop Accessories

    Your laptop investment doesn't end with your laptop. Here are some laptop accessories to maximize your laptop experience.

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    Had both Dell and HP

    The above comparison is quite justified. But I have laptops of both the brands, but at the end of the day, I have 3 Dells, and one HP!!! Why? Let's put

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    dell Better than a HP

    My HP story is scary and costly. I owned one hp, the mother board of which had to be changed two times in three years it was with me. There was no time

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    Pavilion tx 2000

    About a year ago I got an HP Pavilion tx 2000, which is a tablet laptop, and from what I remember, one of the first of its kind. The laptop worked

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    Just leave it to the Tech Guys

    I have had this Dell laptop for less than year and in that time I have already encountered a serious problem. I turn off my laptop regularly to let

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