Increase Productivity With A Dual Laptop Monitors System

dual laptop monitors

Above, you will see my dual laptop monitors system that I set up at my desk.

Before setting this up, I was told by somebody that "once you go dual screens, you'll never go back."

Well after having used this for some time now, I can attest that that statement is true. I promise that if you will at least try to use dual screens, you will very much be surprised by the results!

So how do you set up something like this?

Well, it's much easier than you may think. Almost all laptops come with the hardware you need to set this up. Simply look around your laptop for something that looks like this...

laptop monitor port

This is where you will need to plug in your extra monitor.

However, by doing this, all you will be able to do is to see what you are doing on both screens. So whatever you do on your laptop screen will look exactly the same on the monitor you just hooked up.

The real beauty behind using dual laptop monitors is the ability to do two totally separate things at once. If you notice the picture at the top of the page, I have my web browser up on my laptop screen, and my email program and chat program up on the other screen.

I can simply drag programs from one screen to the other as if they were the same screen!

To set this up, you will need additional software.

The one I use is called UltraMon. It costs around $40, but if you look hard enough, you can likely find some free programs out there.

The reason I purchased UltraMon was because I was told it was the best as far as ease of use. And I didn't care if simplicity came at a price. If this is something that you are planning on using for a very long time, you may consider paying a little to get the dual monitor software that you like.

You can download a free trial at their website. Basically, once you have it installed it pretty much works by itself. You may have to do some initial adjusting to the settings, but overall it's very simple.

Give it a try and find out for yourself!

Learn how to set up a real dual laptop monitor with two full screens.

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