"Do I Really Need A DVD Burner For Laptops?"

There are certainly some added benefits to having a DVD Burner for laptops. But is it worth the extra $40 or $50 dollars? Hopefully after you read this you will be able to decide.

If you only want a DVD burner so you can make backups of the movies you bought then I suggest you don't get one.

Movie companies realize that more and more people are getting burned copies of the newest movies without having to buy them from a store. That is why a majority of the newest movies are copy-protected.

DVD's that have a logo on the back like this one are nearly impossible to copy. And this anti-copying protection is only getting better and better.

So what can you do with a DVD burner?

Getting a DVD burner for laptops isn't completely useless. There are many great benefits to having one.

One of the best things you can do is burn your home videos onto a DVD. Do you still have a lot of VHS tapes that are starting to get a little old?

You can still get some nice software that converts a VHS tape to a DVD. I recommend that you get PowerDirector. You can turn your VHS tapes into a professional-looking DVD very easily. And you can get it very cheap at eBay by clicking here.

Another very useful thing that you do with a DVD burner is burn lots of files onto a DVD disc.

Are you someone who has a lot of pictures on your computer?

DVD discs will hold a lot more picture then a CD disc will hold. If you decide to get a DVD burner then you will have fewer discs that have your pictures on them. Which means a better chance that you won't lose them!

DVD discs hold around seven times more stuff than a CD disc will hold. That means it will be seven times easier to find your vacation pictures when you went to the beach.

Overall, a DVD burner for laptops is probably worth it for most people. Most of the time Dell will even offer a free upgrade to a DVD burner.

If there isn't a free upgrade available for the laptop that you are looking at, just wait a week and it might be there then.

Dell is always changing the free upgrades that they are giving away. So if there is one available be sure to take advantage of it.

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