An External Laptop DVD Burner Is EXACTLY What You Need

Forget to buy a DVD burner with your laptop?

No need to worry because an external laptop DVD burner might be exactly what you are looking for.

These plug right into your laptop through a USB port, which then allows you burn DVD's whenever you would like.

This is much simpler then removing your old disc drive and trying to install a new one.

What Can You Do With A DVD Burner?

Of course you can make back-up copies of all of your favorite DVD movies. This is certainly useful because DVD's can easily be scratched and damaged.

But there are more great benefits to having a DVD burner. You can learn more about the benefits of having a DVD burner by clicking here (opens new window).

What Should You Look For In A DVD Burner?

The first thing you need to make sure of is that it is an external DVD burner. You can do this by making sure that the DVD burner connects through a USB port.

If speed is really important to you, you might want to look at how fast it will burn DVD's. You will often see it advertised as 8X or 16X.

This basically means that it will make the movie eight or sixteen times faster then the regular movie.

Personally, I wouldn't spend anything extra on a faster DVD burner. It doesn't seem too important whether my DVD gets finished in 30 minutes or 40 minutes.

But if you plan on burning a lot of DVD's and have a time restriction, this is something you will have to look into.

Their really isn't too much to look for in a DVD burner to be honest. Some of the bigger name brands like Sony provide better software with their burners.

But it is much cheaper and better to get the DVD software separate.

If you have any more questions about DVD burners, dont hesitate to contact me.

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