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Extremely Slow Acer Laptop

by Sheryll

A few months ago, as I was heading off to my first year of College, I finally came across the money to pick myself up a brand new Acer laptop.

I would have made a note of what model it was, but I'm no longer in possession of it, and I usually don't pay attention to that sort of thing.

Anyways, for the first few days, the laptop was very speedy and any problems I had with it were minimal. I installed a few simple programs - web browsers, a couple of games- nothing that should have slowed it down any amount, but I immediately saw that things would not go as planned. By the end of the first week, I was experiencing extreme lag and slowdown.

It would take ten seconds for my cursor to move after I had told it to do so with the track pad. Using the internet was virtually impossible, and it was considerably stifling my progress in school. After numerous attempts by friends to get it up and running properly, I took a moment to press control alt delete and found something rather odd. As it turns out, the laptop's inner functions (the operating system itself) was eating 98% of my cpu. I had not had such a problem with my previous Dell laptop, so I immediately contacted Acer. As it turns out, my web browser was outdated and incompatible with the laptop's operating system.

They ran me through some steps, swapped my browser to Firefox, and the slowdown was immediately dealt with. They were very helpful, even though it was a rather strange problem!

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