Surf The Internet Faster With Firefox Shortcuts

We all could benefit from these Firefox shortcuts.

Ctrl D

The is the first useful shortcut to use. This will add whatever page you are on to your bookmarks. Feel free to use this shortcut to bookmark this page!

Ctrl T

This opens a new tab. This is probably my most used Firefox shortcut since I am constantly trying to do a hundred things at once.


This is a really cool shortcut that not too many people no about. It switches you to full screen mode. Go ahead and give it a try. I often stay in full screen mode if I plan to be on the internet for awhile.

Ctrl W

And if you want to get get rid of that tab you are on use this.

Alt Home

This takes you back to your home page. Just in case you are to lazy to hit the home page button.

F5 or Ctrl R

This refreshes the page. Once again, use this if you can't quite get your cursor up to the Refresh button.

Ctrl F

This is particularly cool with Firefox. If you want to find something on a page, hit this and Firefox will search for what you want as you are typing.


Want to stop downloading a page? You often might want to do this if you are having trouble loading a page.

Ctrl L

This highlights the URL address. Handy if you want to type in a new address and don't want to touch your touchpad.

It might take you some time to get in the habit of using some of these shortcuts. But once you do, you will be surfing the internet faster then you ever thought possible.

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