How To Get Free Data Protection And Recovery

One of the really hard to find tools out there is free data protection and recovery.

You usually have to pay for a yearly fee on top of whatever you pay initially.

But not anymore!

Now you can download and install a laptop recovery system free of charge. It's called Laptop Lock and here is how it works...

All you do is simply install it on your laptop.

In the unfortunate event that it does get stolen, you simply contact Laptop Lock and report that your laptop has been stolen. They then activate your account.

So if your thief ever decides to use the internet, they can be tracked down wherever they are and your laptop can be recovered.

Laptop Lock is unique in that you can you can set it up to encrypt special files in case it gets stolen. This is perfect for business owners who want to keep their data protected.

And even if your thief doesn't connect to the internet, you can set it up to where they have to enter a password in order to use the laptop.

So with this software installed, if your laptop gets stolen it won't be getting very much from the person that stole it.


There are a few minor drawbacks to this type of software. Every time you use the internet it is going to check with their system and find out whether it was stolen or not.

Now if you have a fast connection you probably wouldn't be able to notice this in a million years. But if your connection is slow then it might be a minor nuisance.

Also, this application is running behind the scenes. So if your laptop is already slow, having another program running isn't going to help matters.

But these are certainly minor problems. If your laptop ever does get stolen, you will be extremely thankful that you installed this software on your laptop.

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