Speed Up Your Laptop With A Free Disk Defragment

Is your laptop becoming slower by the day? Improve its performance by using a free disk defragment.

Every time you download or install anything on your laptop, it gets shoved onto your hard drive in some various location. And everytime you load that program your laptop has to find it on your hard drive.

And the more stuff you have on your computer the harder it is to find it. So what is the solution? Don't ever install anything?

Of course not!

Windows XP comes with a free disk defragment tool to help the situation. This tool moves all your files around and organized it so your computer can find it faster.

So now when you open up a file it is more easily found and it loads much quicker.

It sounds really complicated but its really not. And it will do wonders for your slow laptop.

So How Do I Use This Free Tool

To find the Disk Defragment, click on Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragment

free disk defragment

From there, simply hit defragment and Windows will take care of the rest. It gives a status on how much has been done at the bottom. It even says what files are currently being moved.

Here is my laptops disk defragment in action...

disk defragment

The only complaint about the Disk Defragment tool is it tends to take awhile (30 to 60 minutes). But if your laptop is running slow this is a great first step to speeding it up.

I personally run this tool every two or three months just to keep things running smoothly. You can certainly run it more or less often.

But certainly give it a try if you have never run it before. It won't damage your computer in any way. It can only help it!

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