"Where Can I Get A Quality Free Image Editor?"

On my quest to finding a free image editor I learned one thing...

There are hundreds of places that you can get image editors. And most of them have very little use at all.

But I certainly wasn't going to give up. And I certainly wasn't about to spend a couple hundred dollars on Adobe Photoshop.

So my search continued...

I wanted an image editor that could handle all the important basics. Change the size, crop, enhance, and change formats of the images for the site. And I wanted it to be as simple to use as possible.

An extremely popular free tool is called Gimp. Gimp is a freely distributed image editing program.

When you download and install it, you will simply be amazed by all of the options that you have. If you want to do really serious image editing and you don't want to spend any money then Gimp is for you.

The problem with Gimp though is it is rather confusing. The site contains user manuals on how to use it. And for the most part, these manuals are worth skimming through before you could ever figure out how to do anything with Gimp.

I wanted something a little simpler. After all, I only wanted the basics.

And then I found what I was looking for. It's called Paint.net

It was created as an undergraduate project at Washington State University. It has since grown into an extremely useful tool to do all of your photo editing.

The only real complaint that some people might have is the size of it. Many people will have to install the .Net framework which is 50MB (around 10 songs). However, it's very easy to install and all of the details are at their site.

So if you are looking for a free image editor, Paint.net is what is used to run all of the pictures from this site. It's fast, easy, and very effective at doing the things that most people want to do in an image editor.

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