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There are many advantages to to free online word processors over their offline counterparts.

For starters, you save room on your laptop by not saving all your files on your hard drive. With an online word processor, everything is saved on the internet where it is readily available whenever you have an internet connection.

Another advantage is what was just mentioned. You don't need your laptop if you want to work on your document. That means no USB drives to carry around all the time.

Everything is right there for you. Just log in and get working!

Another great thing about the top online word processors is their added capabilities...

Many of them allow you to easily transfer them to your blog or website. And if you created something in Microsoft Word or Open Office you can easily transfer it to your online work processor.

Which Online Word Processors Are The Best?

Their are many new and exciting online word processors out there. And a few of them certainly separate themselves from the crowd...

Zoho Writer - This service receives nothing but positive feedback from everyone. And it's easy to see why. It's very easy to use. And it really sets itself apart by how easy it is to transfer your documents.

Google Docs - Yes, Google has come onto the scene as the next best "Microsoft Office alternative". Their word processor allows you to instantly publish your document on the web. It's definitely somthing you may want to try if you are sick of using Microsoft Word all of the time.

There are a couple other options to consider. The other top option to consider is Thinkfree. While most people consider it a slight underdog to the other two, you may very well find it the best.

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