"Why Do I Need A Free Screen Capture Utility And What Can I Do With It?"

A very obvious reason to have a free screen capture utility is if you are building a website. But it can also be useful for many other reasons...

For those who don't know what a screen capture does, it allows you to take a snapshot of anything on your computer screen. The best screen capture programs allow you to...

  • take a picture of the full screen

  • take a picture of a specific window

  • take a picture of anything that you select

    A majority of the pictures that you see on this site were done using a screen capture utility. If you ever plan on building a website, you may find taking pictures of your screen quite useful for a number of occasions.

    But what are some other great uses of a screen capture

    You never really appreciate how useful it is until you download it and try it yourself.

    Maybe it's just because I'm a big computer geek, but I really think you will find it just as useful as I have.

    One unique example comes to mind.

    I was typing a paper in a word processor. When all of a sudden the program stopped responding.

    I couldn't save my work and I certainly didn't want to start all over. So I took my screen capture and took a picture of the screen.

    From there, it was very easy for me to type my paper over just by looking at the picture of the screen that I had just taken.

    I know this is kind of a lame example but it really did save me a lot of frustration that I would have had if I didn't have my screen capture.

    So where is a good place to download a free screen capture utility

    The one that I use is Screen Hunter. I chose this one because it's not too difficult to use. Yet it is still capable of doing everything that I want.

    There is a free edition and a commercial edition. I use the free one and have not had any problems with it.

    If you aren't very good with computers, you might want to try Gadwin Printscreen instead.

    It's extremely simple to use and it gets the job done.

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