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Helpful When I Finally Get Through

by Roderick
(Pinson, Alabama, United States)

So my Dell had this issue that it wouldn't turn on, because it said it was missing some kind of file or that a file was corrupt.

Well I try the recovery disk myself and thought I was following all of the recovery program to the letter, but I just couldn't get it to work. So I finally call Dell support and that was hassle, and it was even more of a hassle to remain civil.

You can be listening to the waiting music for a hour or even hours before you here a actual human voice. When they first put me through it was a Indian man like most tech groups are. While this Indian defiantly grasped the English language he was just hard to understand. The Indian gentleman asked some clarification questions and then sent me over to one of his supervisors (who was also Indian) and asked me a few questions.

They finally sent me over to someone that would guide me through the recovery disk process. It was another Indian gentleman that helped me, but he was my saving grace though as he was very patient.

I know it was his job but I we were up past midnight trying to fix that computer and it took well over two hours.

I really don't know how people use the recovery disk without support. While the Indian gentleman was hard to hear I'm glad he was there because it help me get my laptop back and allow me to type this as we speak.

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